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Is there an online casino betting system that will help you beat the laws of chance and consistently win money? Although the simple answer is that there is not, many people believe that there is. Here we will try to convince you that in any game of pure chance, which includes the majority of games that are found at the online casino with the exception of such games as poker and blackjack, no system will beat Lady Luck.

Most predictive systems are based on what has become known as the Gambler’s Fallacy. This is an irrational belief that because a random event has not produced a specific result for some time, then that specific result is more likely to occur. The best example of this is the roulette wheel. It is possible to buy software that claims to predict the most likely result of the next spin based on the results of previous spins. In the simplest format, the software will weight the probability of a black being spun if there has been a dearth of black spins in the recent roulette history. Although your common sense might suggest to you that this is a reasonable conclusion, it is not. Even if the previous ten spins had been red, the chances of the next spin being red or black are the same, just a little under 50%.

The other type of systems, often marketed in conjunction with the first, are progressive betting systems in which the amount of money wagered is calculated as a function of the result of previous bets. The simplest format is the Martingale system where on even chance bets such as a colour on roulette, if the bet is lost the stake placed on the next bet is doubled. The argument is that eventually the bet will win and so you will win back your initial loss. The only time it will work reliably is under the conditions that you have an infinite amount of stake money, an infinite amount of time, and the casino has no limitations on the maximum size of a bet.

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