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Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a new video! thanks for watching! Today I am back with Berend Boss Casino asked us if we could play on their website, they gave us 150 euros playmoney Who are we to not accept that offer?? We are going to begin with Tomb Raider Because one of our viewers recommended this slot Lets go! 2,50 okeeee It’s different I am really curious because that guy in the comments says that te bonus would be great in this game!

We need the bonus ofcourse… Oh wow 12,50! We’re back at 150 euros again Oh 6 euros! Oh that’s great! ooooh more spins dont know.. This is times three now! Oh that’s sick Berend Oh nice Sorry for my reactions still five free spins…

Going pretty well! fuck.. not bad.. Fuck.. the last one we could have won more Thats right butt stil oke 170 euros! It’s going great! What does the numbers mean on the left en right? – Those are the lines BOOOOM Again!

There we go again! oh this again Fuck… 14 euros The bonus is not that big….. Ow…. 57 euroooooos!!!! Niceee!!!

212 euros in total ow shit!! It’s so tipical I just said it it never came and then Booom haha just one spin…. new game at InstaDebit casino? Yea, sure Football champions where? this?

ohyeaaah is holland that bad? oke then we pick kroatia because it has almost the same flag haha okeee bonus let’s go yeaah! 15 eurosss okeeee big win……. (not) We had in a different video a big win from 7 euros… oke that sucks haha yeaaaaah BOOM OH penaltys we suck at that in holland!!! alway that corner… TOM we know that now!!

they call me Tim Krul 2 euro spin, we go until 200 euros We want to have the world cup he looks shy 5 euros but thats now not that big because we play bigger bets BOOOM Another one? Is that possible? Now we need a big win! nice! If we could save this….. would be awesome aaa fuck Still great! 44 euros!

Are we at 225 euro’s right now? No, our win will be added if we spin again shall we play until 250? ok.. Oh It’s going great!

It’s a shame we don’t get the world cup… next week Not on 40 cents…… pffff nice… That would suck I am that kind of a guy who wants to be exactly on 250….. noooooooo hahah he doesn’t want us to stop.. Lucky we got starburst… because of the autism I never told this but i have put money on soccer game like 13 cents and i won over 18 bucks because i didn’t like the 13 cents on my account. if i had put 1 euro I had like 130 bucks…. hope we don’t win… We want to thank boss casino for using their website you see its going great, nice website Guys I want to thank you for watching, next week a new video @ boss casino!!! Houdoe!