DIY Laundry Soap Recipe

Hello everybody welcome to Break and Remake. I’m your host Joan. Today I’m going to show you how to make this diy laundry detergent soap recipe. If you have a favorite Eco-friendly diy laundry soap, let me know in the comments below If you used it before and you liked it. I got this recipe from Dobre Mylo.

dobremylo laundry soap

I did make it a smaller amount because I’m testing. I’m gonna try the diy laundry soap I’m gonna try soap nuts and i’m gonna try eco-friendly laundry soap that you could buy at the store and see which one of those i like the best. When I’ve finished my findings I want to let you know in the boop. There’s soda ash in here, which is baking soda that’s been baked and a bar of soap. It’s pretty interesting i’ll show you how it’s made. I’m gonna cut this soap bar up into small chunks and then dump it into my food processor.

It’s a little tough. look, I’m doing alright yeah I’m going to add this to my food processor. I’m just gonna run this until it gets a little crumby in there. I think that’s good.

i’m gonna work with powders, so i’m going to put my dust mask up, but it’s 2 cups of soda ash. Mommypotamus, where i got this recipe, said to put a towel over it. I can’t find my little thing that goes in here so i’m really gonna stick a towel over this so i don’t have dust bloom. All right wish me luck! I hope this is what she meant.

It’s pretty covered. let’s try it. it’s nice and fine it looks really dusty in here i think i’m gonna let the dust settle and then we can open up and pour it into our container i’m gonna put my dust rag up then i’m gonna open this up and pour it into here. I think it looks too chunky still Let’s do this again. So i mixed it too much so it’s super crumbly. There’s a fine line between when it’s done and when it’s not done, but i think this will work.

This recipe made about five cups so you would use two to three tablespoons of this per load. You would add a half a cup of vinegar into your fabric softener area of your washing machine and to get rid of grease you can use five drops of lemon essential oil, if you are into that kind of thing. Thank you very much for watching. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more Sustainable DIYs. We’ll see you next time, bye! i’m just gonna pulse this a few times so it’s a little bit more crummy in here