Top 10 Video Game Legends Pranks

Spanked silly these are the prankster that don’t live in the real world. These are the pranksters that ran out of lives Welcome spanked silly I’m Xander Fyfe, and this is the top 10 video game legend s pranks don’t forget You can win spanked silly t-shirt by simply letting us know your idea for a top 10 in the comments section below Apparently pokemon trainers don’t just shop at poke stops and poke Mart’s. They shop at Morrison’s too. Whats wrong with you bruv. Nothing Man.

Are you dumb or something? I’m sorry man. Are you dumb.

NO. what man are you dumb or something man? What you mean, are you dumb? Pikachu I choose you go Hey Pikachu let’s light up this guy Pikachu quick attack go All right pikachu lighting bolt attack Go That’s it pikachu ya know No Pikachu What are you doing? Come on pikachu Pikachu do it…get him with the coco puffs man Don’t touch my pokemon .

hey Pikachu come on get up, man? Get up Pikachu get up Hey, you can’t put…. Hey I put my hat down first man At number nine we have the evidence that Metal Gear Solid 5 you can unlock quiets dildo as a secret weapon Oh god. I don’t know believers. We must the government said just over that video Pete Oh look for 20 years now pac-man’s being chased so much by those ghosts. It’s forced them to evolve legs Looks like thunder God Raiden is meddling in the affairs of mortals again What the fuck is wrong with you you are a crazy person I’m sorry what the no, I’m going to tell someone This is not right Six Finally minecraft VR hits the shops, and it’s the most realistic open-world experience you could hope for Hello real life Creature we come in peace looking for diamonds and shit Hello I’m Steve, Hello, I’m also Steve and our mission is to find out if we can survive in the real world Just picking up my minerals sorry just picking up minerals World is a dangerous place Hello Young lady I hate real life ok I’m A miner Real world is a depressing place excuse me can I break down your house and your cars? Oh no a creeper And that’s how Steve gets head Five If you’re a Dragon Ball fan at some point in your life You’ve tried to go super saiyan.

Though these two look like they might have escaped from a mental clinic Give you guys on the ground all Academy what I mean Get out of my hallway Ah Don’t Touch Me What the hell are you doing? I’ve just read an article that says grand theft auto influences the youth of today NAH!!! I I’m Joking I’m Joking Say boss let me have a go in the car what do you want a go of my car for bruv fuck off come on cam let me have a go of the car Something under your car you know oh Oh my Nah there’s a cat under the car. There’s a cat under the car look look under there look. Can’t you see it’s over there?

No Boss i’m joking Oi whats going on get out of my fucking car Oh shit fuck Come here what you doing Okay, what’s going on? What’s going on. Are you videoing something? No. I’m not videoing nothing Three Oh dear looks like Sonic isn’t happy about the new speed cameras installed at emerald hill At number two the Assassin’s Creed is out there Ah Hey And making it number one on our list now back from his time in the Mushroom Kingdom Mario just can’t get to grips with normal life Spanked silly Thanks for watching guys If you liked the video give it a massive thumbs up and share it on your social media For more top 10s keep it here at Spanked silly