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Top 10 Video Games That Predicted The Future

When our favorite media ends up predicting the future, it’s definitely a little creepy. Eerie. Downright spooky. Or pretty neat, depending on what that prediction is. But, as we’ve seen with shows like the Simpsons, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

And video games are no stranger to that. There’s a handful of games out there that have made some pretty spot on predictions, most of which are pretty bleak, but some of which are good for a chuckle. So with that in mind, we’re counting down the top 10 games that predicted the future. Let’s jump in

10 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – make America great again slogan Starting off our list, let’s start with something a tad light.

Like Metal Gear Rising featuring a character saying the line “make America great again” as a battle cry. The game, which came out in 2013, has a character named Senator Steven Armstrong, who, upon fighting protagonist Raiden near the end of the game, puts his foot on his back as he lies on the ground, crushing him while giving us this little speech. Some have also drawn similarities between Armstrong and the current state of what’s going on in Washington under the Trump administration, but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.

9 Homefront and Kim Jong Un-Released in 2011, Homefront is a first-person shooter about a unified Korea at war with the dystopian USA set in the year 2027 but has a backstory that starts in the early 2000s. A pretty terrifying backstory, involving the economic collapse of many of the world’s superpowers, and this unified Korea – the greater Korean republic – invading a very crippled America. While it’s a prediction of Kim Jong-Il’s death and his son’s succession is nothing to be gawked at, it’s the prediction of the date of his death was only a few weeks off, and it also got something else eerily right – the prediction of nuclear weapon tests in 2013.

So far, the rest of its timeline hasn’t drawn other similarities to our own, so here’s hoping it doesn’t get anything else right. 8 Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake – predicts algae as fuel Considered the best 8 bit game ever made, this 1990 game led Solid Snake to Zanzibar Land where he needed to infiltrate the territory, rescue a kidnapped scientist and destroy Metal Gear D. In the game, the world is struggling with an oil crisis – gas is hard to come by – so the solution of using algae as a means for fuel takes the stage. The real-life resemblance? Well in 2012, algae fuel hit the pumps in the Bay Area in San Francisco via the company Solazyme, and the fuel is 20% algae and 80% petroleum. 7 Ghost Recon – Russia and Georgia Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon came out in 2001, which it’s narrative taking place in 2008, telling the story of Ghosts aka the American elite fighting force that is deployed to the country Georgia to fight the Russians.

The game focuses on conflict going down between Russia and Georgia when Russia Nationalist try to rebuild the Soviet Union, taking place in 2008. Well, guess what happened for real in 2008? The conflict between Russia and Georgia began. No big surprises there, but A plus for accuracy? 6 Madden – predicts results of super bowl Based solely off of simulations, EA’s Madden has successfully predicted the winner of the Super Bowl multiple times.

9 out of 13 times, to be precise. While that may not be super impressive, I mean, consider those odds. Not too shabby. It’s also good to note that Madden actually has one of the most comprehensive data pool to pull this prediction from, with the games always being praised for the accuracy in their player ranking system.

5 Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 Getting into darker territory here, let’s take a look at the real-time strategy game Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. The game was critically acclaimed, but there was one big controversy concerning the title that didn’t even have to do with anything that was in the game itself; it was the box art. The box art heavily echoed the 9/11 attacks, with the World Trade Centre on fire and a plane flying straight towards the buildings.

After 9/11 the box art was changed. 4 Deus Ex Human Revolution – Justin Trudeau Released in 2011, Human Revolution cities that the Canadian Prime Minister is someone called Mr. Trudeau. Justin Trudeau wasn’t elected until 2015. To be fair, I think many a Canadian felt that one day Justin would become prime minister, or at least fans of his father, previous prime minister Pierre Trudeau. At the time of the game’s release, Justin has been a member of the Canadian Parliament since 2008.

3 Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty – NSA Spying on Civilians As you can tell by now, Hideo Kojima definitely has a knack for storytelling that sometimes has a tendency to predict future sociopolitical impacts and disasters. It’s pretty damn cool. and Metal Gear solid 2 is no exception – this game’s narrative is eerily similar to the revelations leaked by Edward Snowden concerning the NSA’s activity, specifically the NSA spying on civilians. 2 Smash TV – Reality television A 1990 arcade game, Smash TV plops you into a violent game show set in the future – 1999 to be precise – where players on the show have to kill hordes of enemies with an overly enthusiastic and gluttonous game show host edging you on.

It introduced the idea of contestants on a reality television show being immersed within the competition, practically living and breathing it, like Survivor, which wouldn’t be created until 1997 in Sweden, later coming to North America in 2000. 1 Deus Ex 9/11 Another 9/11 prediction, Deus Ex came out a year before the terror attack, and this one is perhaps the darkest of them all. It’s not extremely explicit, but there’s evidence all throughout the game that implies the Twin Towers were bombed by a foreign threat. During the first level, we see that the Twin Towers are missing from the New York skyline.

Then there’s all the messages on the computers you encounter that reference a terrorist attack in NYC. The real reason for the omission of the Twin Towers was because of memory capacity and the developer’s attempt to conserve space. So they made up a vague reason as to why they were gone. Eerie. There we go!

What do you guys think of these predictions? And of these leave you a little freaked out? Let us know in those comments below.