When Pro Players Are Mad!

How bout me dead, one more, I say: Molly Mike Lincoln er with the buses over, I drop one. I wear something Wow through the book prevent so how’s it coming interview that yeah he’s what HP, oh, my god dude. How is that not a Carol man so stupid, dude, vork, fucking, terrible game man, I’m go by that little hole. Cleaning any of us ever say ever say by a Macedo should be so yeah.

But are you anybody yeah right? Okay? So that is a wonderful job. Little black hello max hi, three three outfits to inside baseball. What is gay? Oh, I don’t know: okay how’d!

You get it there when highways. What what? What there’s Jim it! I got a co2 iPod. They caught up, they gon na fucking, just kill them.

Look the up is not a long one. The one doctor should close me. Nothing there’s nothing. We do nothing.

This lots of people 2,000 MIT could be holding just room window. What the fuck is timing. You should flashlight coming Tamir dive, attack, wave housing and plankton Catarina when he’s under powder past Ramos, great fucking Mouse you piece of puck is right. I just give you the shoulder keys god, damn it one more example that was three easy brags on this part looks like her that I keep working here. It is, I thought, rushing it a lot, undead pushing mid a smoke drop pleasure of it mushroom in one very tight, though Pasha one more one cat, nothing flank. One cat well Mitch to MIT lose one of one of the guys is occupy doing that so big misstep for flip side as well, but can’t take anything away from indicators that was yeah one flip over hounds for him.

That was just a beast demonstration. Look no refract possibility this. This one is disgusting, no refract possibility here and obviously this is Janine. The last one is just trying to react to them, yeah to the madness, but still and way later. This is where you need to get your emotions a little bit under control mate, because are you just charging in there? What a happy place you don’t win this I’m bro come on dad every stitch.

Photoshop David one symmetry sabang train on one, but I am begin. Let’S and upon taking, what are you accomplishing by just standing on the stairs in that situation? Kiyomi Margie, I just broke, is a fucking narrated by Bukhari cross. Has it one font down jump time together to cry so the supportive voice at the side evoked or Luca dish, I’m just a bio conservative. You shall beg remember by help me on these. Ok, I press my friend Go: Go, Go trace!

I fresh Tsubasa, no problem! Kocchi kocchi, oh yeah, it is kamikaze on talk in and I’ll say and just you I’m just saying in general, there’s so much all right he’s an to talking to you new fuck. So, yes, what did I do? What’S the screw to start off, my firm was thinking, okay, great they’re, going to be in their home event. Finally are playing in a match tonight that is make-or-break and and what a break it would be. Second event in Paul endure this year that they wouldn’t make playoffs.

If they don’t win, then we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We don’t have the draws or anything yet but sure, as you already mentioned, that’s a very scary group of team sitting in what will be round live round. Five always is considering.

You’Ve got some underdogs that are already gone through, and that makes the prospect of a number five quite tantalizing. I guess exciting for us spectators or see some high octane CS, but make me so fuckin it. Oh my god.

Sorry, alright even got off the killer element as well, even when he was you know the Nico era, what he really struggled in mile sports yeah. He struggled once you got to the Tier one cup. You know once you’re in a major yeah: that’s where he wouldn’t show up and people realize he’s unreliable. It’S not a staff with, but you wouldn’t go back love.

You need a lady in a smaller tournament and he dominate also now he’s even regressed. On this level.